Zanybros (쟈니브로스) also written as ZANYBROS is one of the South Korean Video production, record labels, and entertainment agencies managing K-groups and artists.

Quick Facts

Agency Name Zanybros
Hangul 쟈니브로스
Founder Hong Won Ki
Kim Jun Hong
Type Unlisted
Seoul, South Korea
Industry Music Production, Artist Management
Revenue N/A
Genre K-pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance
Distributor(s) N/A
Parent Agency N/A
Subsidiaries ZB Label
Shut Down N/A
Website @zanybros
Facebook @zanybros
Instagram @zanybros
Youtube N/A
Opened For 14 Years
Shut Downed For N/A

Zanybros also written as ZANYBROS was one of the South Korean Video production, record labels, and entertainment agencies managing K-groups and artists under ZB Label such as AleXa and 7SENSES.

Zanybros founders Hong Won Ki and Kim Jun Hong

Zanybros History

Director Hong Won-ki and videographer Kim Jun-hong formed Zanybros in 2002, and it has since grown to become one of the most significant music video production firms of the Korean Wave. Along with these, Zanybros has the affiliated businesses Astro Digital Lab, a post-production facility, the specialized camera crew Roll Cam, and the lighting firm Strobe. Along with entertainment companies like S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, they have collaborated with independent bands.

Seo Taiji’s “Moai” and B.A.P’s “One Shot,” two of the Korean music video industry’s highest-budget productions, are among Zanybros’ works.

Goedam, produced by Zanybros and director Hong Won-ki in collaboration with Megabox Plus M, was their debut web series. Netflix has bought the television show.

They are known as the largest music video production company in South Korea.

Zanybros Videos

Music Videos

  • ONEUS – “Lit” (2019)
  • Super Junior – “I Think I” (2019)
  • Lee Hong Gi – “Mixtape” (2020)
  • SUPER JUNIOR – “2YA2YAO!” (2020)
  • Golden Child – “Without You” (2020)
  • KARD – “Red Moon” (2020)
  • PENTAGON – “Dr. BeBe” (2020)
  • Rocket Punch – “Bouncy” (2020)
  • Moon Byul – “Eclipse” (2020)
  • GLAY & PENTAGON – “I’m Loving You” (2020)
  • AleXa – “Do Or Die” (2020)
  • GLAY – “Into The Wild” (2020)
  • ONEUS – “A Song Written Easily” (2020)
  • PURPLE KISS – “Nerdy” (2022)
  • And Many More.

Commercial Film

  • CJ CheilJedang – Petitzel Oh! Eclair Commercial Film (with I.O.I) (2016)
  • KT CLiP – 클립행 (with Cheng Xiao of WJSN (Cosmic Girls)) (2016)
  • Etude House – TV commercial (2015)
  • Haruyache Interactive Commercial Film (2014)
  • TBC TV commercial (2014)
  • Samsung Galaxy – CNBLUE – Feel Good (2013)
  • Samsung – Mp3 Player Tictoc Brand Launching (Europe) (2010)
  • Apple – iPhone 4 – Function Drama (2010)
  • Apple – iPhone 4 – Creative Movie Ad (2010)
  • Apple – iPhone 4 Launching Movie, Launching On Line (2010)
  • And Many More.

Concert Documentary and VCR

  • Nell – Music Trailer (2012)
  • Seo Taiji – 8th Album Documentary DVD (2012)
  • SBS Gayodaejun VCR (2011)
  • Seo Taiji – Möbius Concert Tour Spot (2009)
  • Seo Taiji -Möbius Concert Tour Movie (2009)
  • Nell – Concert DVD (2008)
  • Seo Taiji – E.T.P Festival CM (2008)
  • Seo Taeji – E.T.P Festival DVD (2008)
  • Seo Taiji – Symphony DVD (2008)
  • SS501 – Music Drama (2008)

Drama, Entertainment, and Film

  • wavve – MMM_Where are we now (with RBW and Studio wavve) (2022)
  • Mnet, M2 – Kep1er-view (with CJ ENM, Swing Entertainment, and Wake One Entertainment) (2021)
  • Netflix – Goedam (with Megabox Plus M) (2020)

Artist Under ZB Label

Name Active Years in Zanybros
AleXa N/A
Zanybros Behind the scenes in the making of B.A.P’s ‘Young,Wild and Free’

Zanybros Legal Matters

As of 2023, there are no legal matters that connect to Zanybros and have kept their profile clean in the entertainment industry.

Also, this company has never been a part of gossip and rumors.

Goedam a Netflix series made by Zanybros

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