Woozi (우지) also known by his real name Lee Ji-hoon (이지훈) is a South Korean singer, producer, and record producer. Woozi is affiliated with Pledis Entertainment in Gwangan-dong, Busan. Woozi is regarded as the main vocalist and lead dancer of the Boys Music Group’s Seventeen.

Quick Facts

Real Name Lee Ji-hoon
Hangul 이지훈
Hanja 李知勳
Age 26 years old
Date of Birth November 22, 1996
Birth Place Busan, South Korea
Zodiac sign ♎ Scorpio
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 53 kg
Net worth $1 million to $4 million USD.
Mother Name N/A
Father Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Profession Singer and Producer
Education Hanyang University
Spouse N/A
Spouse’s Date of Birth N/A

Woozi Bio, Age, Parents, and Education

On November 22, 1996, Lee was born in Busan, South Korea. As of 2023, Woozi’s age is 25. According to his birth date, November 22, his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He was born with his full name Lee Ji Hoon.

Lee has an elder brother, but he hasn’t revealed his name and real identity. Prior to his, his father, mother, and relative’s names are also missing. He holds a South Korean nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.


The singer graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts High School in 2015 after attending Dongsuyeong Middle School in Busan, South Korea. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Hanyang University.

Woozi with his SEVENTEEN group members

Woozi Social Media

He is exceedingly present on his Instagram account, as of 2023, his Instagram has more than 5.8 million followers under the user name @woozi_universefactory. He is also active on Twitter under the username @miwon17_ with 136.1k followers.

Presently, Woozi doesn’t appear to be active on Facebook, or YouTube and neither of these social media sites has given him a personal account.

Instagram @woozi_universefactory
Twitter @miwon17_
Youtube N/A
Facebook N/A
TikTok N/A
Official Website N/A

Woozi Girlfriend and Dating

His marital status is single and he is involved with any other women. He always prefers to keep his private life personal rather than flexing it on his social media accounts.

As per the sources, When he was younger, he only had a small group of male buddies.

Woozi Singer & Producer Career

Since he was a young child, he had always been interested in music and singing, but because of his poor self-esteem in his vocal prowess, he didn’t take people seriously when they told him he was a wonderful singer.

After clearing his audition at Pledis Entertainment, he launched his professional career at a young age.

Before making his first appearance in this field, he diligently practiced every day, just as he had done when he was younger and played classical music.


In addition to moving to Seoul for training, Woozi enrolled at the Hanlim Multi Arts High School. Lee is a lead vocalist and a member of SEVENTEEN. However, it wasn’t an easy road that got him there.

All of the lyrics for the band’s songs are written by the dynamic Lee. Lee has worked with other people on movies including Proof of Innocence, A Hard Day, and Return of the Mafia, among others, in addition to singing, dancing, and writing lyrics.

Woozi has acted in the television series Band of Sisters, Blood, and School 2013. Woozi has appeared in a number of television programs, including Big Debut Plan, One Fine Day, and others.

Prior to the Seventeen’s creation, he belonged to the organization known as “Tempest.” Woozi is the album’s inventor; he selects the musical subject, creates the songs, composes the words, and picks which songs should be performed in which order.

All of the members of the band Seventeen contribute to the musical composition, although Woozi is largely in charge of it. He is never delighted when listeners compliment their music.

He stated in one of the interviews that he feels burdened because he is the composer for the band Seventeen and he worries that if they don’t succeed, it will be his fault. Woozi and fellow group member Soonyoung are considered to be the most devoted members by the other seventeen members of the group.

Songs released by South Korean K-pop band group SEVENTEEN:

Album Song(s) Year
Sector 17
  • “Circles”
  • “World”
  • “Fallin’ Flower (Korean Ver)”
  • “Cheers!”
Face the Sun
  • “Darl+ing”
  • “Hot”
  • “Don Quixote”
  • “March”
  • “Domino”
  • “Shadow”
  • “‘Bout You”
  • “IF you leave me”
  • “Ash”
Power of Love
  • “Power of Love”
  • “To You”
  • “Rock with you”
  • “Crush”
  • “PANG!”
  • “Imperfect Love”
  • “I can’t runaway”
  • “2 minus 1”
Your Choice
  • “Heaven’s Cloud”
  • “Ready to love”
  • “Anyone”
  • “GAM3 BO1”
  • “Wave”
  • “Same dream same mind same night”
Not Alone
  • “Not Alone”
  • “Home;run”
  • “Doremi”
  • “Light a flame”
  • “Ah Love!”
  • “All My Love”
  • “24h”
  • “Fearless”
  • “Left & Right”
  • “I Wish”
  • “My My”
  • “Kidult”
  • “Together”
“Fallin’ flower”
  • “Fallin’ flower”
An Ode
  • “Hit”
  • “Lie Again”
  • “Fear”
  • “Let me hear you say”
  • “247”
  • “Second Life”
  • “Network Love”
  • “Lucky”
  • “Snap Shoot”
  • “Happy Ending”
You Made My Dawn
  • “Good To Me”
  • “Home”
  • “Hug”
  • “Getting Closer”
You Make My Day
  • “Oh My!”
  • “Holiday”
  • “Come to me”
  • “Moonwalker”
  • “Our dawn is hotter than day”
We Make You
  • “Call Call Call!”
Director’s Cut
  • “Thinkin’ About You”
  • “Thanks”
  • “Run to you”
  • “Falling For U”
Teen, Age
  • “Intro. New World”
  • “Change Up”
  • “Without You”
  • “Clap”
  • “Bring it”
  • “Lilili Yabbay”
  • “Pinwheel”
  • “Flower”
  • “Rocket”
  • “Campfire”
  • “Outro. Incompletion”
  • “Don’t Wanna Cry”
  • “Habit”
  • “Swimming Fool”
  • “Crazy in Love”
  • “Who”
Going Seventeen
  • “Beautiful”
  • “Boom Boom”
  • “Fast Pace”
  • “Don’t Listen in Secret”
  • “I Don’t Know”
  • “Smile Flower”
Love & Letter Repackage Album
  • “NO.F.U.N”
  • “Very Nice”
  • “Healing”
  • “Simple”
Love & Letter
  • “Chuck”
  • “Pretty U”
  • “Still Lonely”
  • “Popular Song”
  • “Say Yes”
  • “Drift Away”
  • “Adore U”
  • “Monday To Saturday”
  • “Shining Diamonds”
  • “Love&Letter”
Boys Be
  • “Fronting”
  • “Mansae”
  • “When I Grow Up”
  • “OMG”
  • “Rock”
17 Carat
  • “Shining Diamonds”
  • “Adore U”
  • “Jam Jam”
  • “20”

Woozi Net Worth

The multi-talented singer performed songs like Shining Diamonds, Diamond Edge, Ideal Cut, Ode to You, and others while on globe tours with the band Seventeen.

Similarly, he has earned a lot of fortune from his singing career, As of 2023, Woozi’s projected net worth ranges between $1 million to $4 million USD.

Besides, his net worth his annual salary, and his weekly earnings are missing at the moment.

Woozi and his group SEVENTEEN performing Hit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Body Stats: Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

The vocalist Woozi weighs 53 kilograms and height of around 5 feet 8 inches tall. Besides, his body measurements like bust size, chest size, and hip size are missing.

Prior to this, Woozi had black hair with pairs of beautiful black eyes.

Woozi Rumors, Scandals, and Gossip

Woozi has never engaged in any kind of Rumors or Controversy till now. He has always been away from unwanted gossip too. Both Woozi’s personal and professional lives consume him. Woozi also wants to steer clear of rumors and controversies.

Trophies and Awards

Awarded with Year Category  work(s)
Asia Artist Awards 2021 Best Producer Woozi
Melon Music Awards 2017 Hot Trend Award “Downpour”


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