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According to my experience here is a review of the top K drama film, Smugglers


IMDB: 6.8/10

This contains the spoiler of this film

Hangul: 밀수

Hanja: 密輸

Released date: July 26, 2023

Genres: Action, Crime  

Distributed By: Next Entertainment World  

Directed By: Ryoo Seung- Wan 

Written By: Ryoo Seung- Wan  and Kim Jeong-Yeon

Produced By: Kang Hye-Jeong

Original language: Korean

Smugglers- Storyline

Smugglers (밀수), is a famous Crime drama film, which was released on July 26, 2023. Till now it has gained millions of views. The main story of this film is all about smuggling, there were Haenyoes at Guncheon. For their survival, they collect seafood underwater after a few factories were built near the beach.

Similarly, they lost their job and they had trouble for a living. Chun-ja was fighting for her way of living. Chun Ja learns about the world of smuggling and without any choice the ship crews decide to join the smuggling business. Also, she fell in love with the national smuggling king, Sergeant Kwon (Zo In-sung).

Main Cast

Kim Hye-soo (Jo Chun-ja) a smuggler
Yum Jung-ah (Um Jin-sook) Chun-ja’s best friend
Zo In-sung (Sergeant Kwon) The National Smuggling King
Park Jeong-min (Jang Do-ri) The youngest child
Kim Jong-soo (Lee Jang-chun) a customs officer
Go Min-si (Go Ok-bun) who runs a coffee shop


Park Kyung-hye (Dok-soon) a haenyeo
Kim Jae-hwa a haenyeo
Park Jun-myeon (Yang Geum-ne) a haenyeo
Joo Bo-bi ( Lee Eok-cheok) a haenyeo


Smugglers is the top-watched series in just four days, it has already got millions of viewers. So I personally recommend you to watch this film.

This film is all about Crime, action, and Love Story. According to my personal experience, I will rate it 7/10. Also, the acting of all crew members is mindblowing.

Smuggler (Source: Instagram)

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