Kang Tae-oh

Kang Tae-oh (강태오) is a well-known actor and musician from South Korea. He rose to fame with his roles in “After School: Lucky or Not,” “Wake Up,” and “The Best Lover.”

Quick Facts

Famous Name Kang Tae-oh
Hangul 강태오
Birth Name Kim Yoon-hwan
Hangul 김윤환
Hanja 金潤煥
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth June 20, 1994
Birth Place Poughkeepsie, New York
Zodiac sign ♎ Gemini
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight 66 kg
Net worth $6 Million
Mother Name N/A
Father Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Profession Actor and Musician
Education Konkuk University
Spouse N/A
Spouse’s Date of Birth N/A
Instagram @kto940620
Twitter N/A
Youtube N/A
Facebook @ExtraordinaryAttorney
TikTok N/A
Official Website N/A

Kang Tae-oh Bio, Age, Parents, and Education

Kang Tae-oh was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, a country in the United States on June 20, 1994

Kang was conceived on June 20, 1994, in Poughkeepsie, New York, a country in the United States. The person who goes by the name Charlie Plummer is a 28-year-old man named Charlie Faulkner Plummer.

His occupation, parents, and siblings are all unknown. In the future, he might reveal additional details about his family, and we’ll update him here then.

His early years are completely confidential. He is a Christian by faith, a Gemini by birth, and his nationality is unclear. He is of Korean and South Korean ancestry.

His name Kang Tae-oh is written in Hangul as 강태오 and his real name Kim Yoon-hwan is written in Hagual as 김윤환 and in Hanja as 金潤煥. His family name is Kim.

He went to Gimhae High School in South Korea. Kang Tae-oh then studied at Gyeongsang National University and Konkuk University, both in South Korea. He had always had a great interest in both sports and entertainment. And he used to participate in events relating to sports and entertainment.

There is no information available regarding, among other things, his interactions with his teachers, and friends, and his excitement in his studies. He may later divulge details about his former educational background, in which case we shall update him here.

Kang Tae-oh
Kang Tae-oh with his mother

Kang Tae-oh Social Media

Kang Tae-oh is a frequent user of social media. His Instagram account has  2.6 million followers under the username @kto940620 with a verified blue mark.

He is active on Facebook, where he has 4.2K followers under the @ExtraordinaryAttorney username.

Instagram @kto940620
Twitter N/A
Youtube N/A
Facebook @ExtraordinaryAttorney
TikTok N/A
Official Website N/A

Kang Tae-oh Girlfriend and Dating

At the moment, Kang is not married, dating, or even engaged. Kang no longer prioritizes relationships in favor of his profession.

He simply wants to be in a serious relationship with someone who will love him forever because he hasn’t found anyone else. In the future, he might start dating, and we’ll update this page then.

Kang Tae-oh Acting and Musician Career

Tae-Oh is a well-known singer and actor from South Korea. He started out as an actor before becoming well-known for his roles in a variety of movies and TV shows, such as “Slow Video” in 2014, “Miss Korea,” “The Best Lover,” “After School: Lucky or Not,” and “You Are Too Much” in 2017.

Tae-oh rose to recognition and notoriety by participating in many movies. 2014’s “Slow Video” featured him as the Successor. He played Won-kyung in the 2018 film “Feng Shul.” He portrayed Detective Na in the 2023 motion picture “Open the Door.” Even though he only has six acting credits, they are all box-office hits.

TV/Movies Series

Additionally, he played Ma Ae-son in “Miss Korea” from 2013 to 2014. ri’s In 2014, he played Heo Doug-gu in “Flower of Queen,” as well as Lee Jun-su in “Forever Young.” (2015).

Additionally, he acted as young Woo-Chul in “Second 20s” and Choi Young-Kwang in “The Dearest Lady” in 2015. In “Forever Young2” in 2016 and “You Are Too Much” in 2017, he played Lee Jun-su and Lee Kyung-soo, respectively.

He appeared as Kim Jin-woo in “That Man Oh Soo” and played Kang Ho-young in “Short” in 2018. Then, in 2019, he played Cha Yui Mu in the films “Love with Flaws” and “The Tale of Nokdu.” He performed Lee Young-hwa from 2020 to 2021 in “Run On.”

In the years 2021 and 2022, he appeared in the films “Drama Special- The Effect of One Night on Farewell,” “Thirty-Nine,” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” as Cha Min-Jae.

Also in “After School: Lucky or Not” in 2013, he also played Kang Tae Oh. In 2015, he appeared in “To Be Continued” as Street Punk. He additionally made an appearance in “My First First Love” in 2019 as Choi Hoon.

Kang Tae-oh Net Worth

It is unknown what South Korean actor and singer Kang Tae-oh makes on a monthly, weekly, and annual basis, but his estimated current net worth is $6 million. His careers in acting, commercial endorsement, and singing are his main sources of revenue.

Kang today enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and a collection of expensive cars thanks to his sales and successful career. If he discloses his weekly, yearly, and monthly salaries, we will update him here.

Kang Tae-oh
Kang Tae-oh with his 5uprise acting group

Brands Endorsement

He offered his endorsement for a number of products, which earned him money. He gained money by promoting and advertising the goods associated with the businesses.

Amoodday, KT Yspotlight, The Swoon, Believer, Juheech, Danchustudio, 13month, and other brands are just a few of the businesses he has promoted. In the future, he might promote more goods. At that time, we’ll provide him with an update here.

Body Stats: Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

He actually stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 66 kg. Kang Tae-oh has dark brown hair, as seen in his photos. He has lovely dark brown eyes as well.

He has a lovely personality and an average body type. His chest, biceps, and waist measurements are all in inches. He follows a healthy diet, takes good care of his body, and keeps his skin clear.

Kang Tae-oh Rumors, Scandals, and Gossip

Kang’s life is kept private, including his employment history. In addition, he is capable of managing both his personal and professional lives, and he has never disclosed any information to the public.

Actor and singer Kang is well-known, and he has never been involved in any controversies or allegations.

Trophies and Awards

He is a well-known South Korean actor and musician who has won countless nominations and honors. For the series “You Are Too Much,” he won the Rising Star Award in 2017, and for “The Tale of Nokdu,” he won the KBS Drama Award for Best New Actor and the Netizen Award.

In 2022, he was given the Seoul City Council Award. He also won a VTV Award for “Forever Young” as an Impressive Actor in 2015.

Additionally, he was a nominee for many honors.

He received three KBS Drama Awards nominations in 2019 and an APAN Star Award nomination in 2022.

Additionally, the MBC Drama Awards and the VTV Awards both announced their nominees in 2017 concurrently. Charlie has a promising future ahead of him, with plenty of chances to be recognized for and win multiple awards.

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