HyuneeEats is a well-known South Korean Youtuber and Social media influencer. As of 2023, she has more than 1.69 million subscribers on her YouTube channel under the channel name “hyuneeEats,

Quick Facts

Real Name Hyunee Kim
Hangul N/A
Hanja N/A
Age 33 years old
Date of Birth May 22, 1990
Birth Place Soul, South Korea
Zodiac sign ♎ Gemini
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Net worth $6 Million
Mother Name N/A
Father Name N/A
Siblings older brother
Profession YouTuber
Education N/A
Spouse N/A
Spouse’s Date of Birth N/A

HyuneeEats Bio, Age, Parents, and Education

Hyunee was born on May 22, 1990, in Busan, South Korea. As of 2023, her age is 33. She holds a South Korean nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. According to her birth chart, her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is of Asian descent, however, there is no information available on her religion.

Similarly, there is no information about her family, such as the names of her mother and father. However, there is no information provided regarding his siblings and relatives. She has an older brother.

As per the sources, her father had always urged her to explore new opportunities and pursue her passions since she was a little child. He always encouraged her to have an open mind and pursue her goals.

Additionally, in light of her educational background, no information regarding her educational background is provided on social media.

HyuneeEats with her elder brother

HyuneeEats Social Media

He is present on his social networking sites, and Hyunee is highly active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has been active on her Twitter account since August 2016 with 2419 followers under the username @hyuneeeats. Also, her Facebook account is under the user id, @hyneeEats with 13k Followers. As of 2023, her Instagram account has more than 146k followers under the user id, @hyunee_eats, and her YouTube account has 1.69 Million subscribers under the username @hyuneeEats. As of TikTok, she has 95.4k followers under the username @realhyuneeeats

Instagram @hyunee_eats
Twitter @hyuneeeats
Youtube @hyuneeEats
Facebook @hyneeEats
TikTok @realhyuneeeats
Official Website hyuneebees

HyuneeEats Boyfriend and Dating

Hyunee is single and of the straight gender. She is not in a love relationship right now because she is more concentrated and preoccupied with her YouTube channel.

HyuneeEats YouTuber Career

HyineeEats is well known YouTuber, in the year 2016, on July 30 she joined the YouTube channel under HyuneeEats. As of 2023 record, her YouTube channel has more than 323 videos with more than 242 million views. Her YouTube content is only of Mukbang videos. YouTuber Keemi and YouTuber channel Hyunee are both members of the South Korean mukbang community on the platform. Also, she includes her older brother in her movies.

On April 16, 2016, Hyunee posted her first video, titled “Spicy Fire Noodle Challenge!!!,” which has received over 445k views. Following this, she posted another video on August 17, 2016, titled “Burger King Whooper Burrito| Mukbang.” The same goes for her first films, which included “Korean Fried Chicken| Mukbang,” “Black Bean Noodles + Spicy Seafood Noodles,” “Spicy Rice Cake Challenge,” and “Fried Chicken Cutlet + Kimchi Cheese Cutlet.”


The most watched video on her channel, “4X Spicy Mala Fire Noodle Challenge!” was published on November 21, 2017, and has garnered over 43 million views. Moreover, she has got millions and billions of views on her YouTube channel.

Additionally, some of it has more than 4 million views, including “Nuclear Fire Noodles + World’s Hottest Chocolate ft. Aria,” “King Crab Legs + Dungeness Crab,” and “5 Nuclear Fire Noodle in 10 Minutes Challenge!! ”

The most recent thing she uploaded was ‘Sushi & Sashimi Platter w/ Brother Bee’ on May 8th, 2020. She currently has over 52,000 views on this video. In addition to this, she has also recently uploaded videos for “Chili Oil Taiwanese Noodles,” “Daebak Ghost Pepper Chips Challenge!!,” and “Thai Noodle Feast (Pad Thai+Drunken Noodles+Pad See Ew).

HyuneeEats Net Worth

In terms of her net worth, Hyunee earns most of her money through her YouTube channel. As of 2023, her net worth is assumed to be more than $6 Million.

HyuneeEats on her 33rd birthday

Body Stats: Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

At this time, her body measurements are not disclosed on social media. She has a nice facial structure, sleek black hair, and a set of dark brown eyes that you look at her physically.

Also, her Height, Weight, and body measurements are missing.

HyuneeEats Rumors, Scandals, and Gossip

After making a contentious joke about Stephanie Soo’s mental health and the “In and out of sleep” statement, Hyunee Eats received a lot of backlash on social media. This problem arose as a result of a video Stephanie Soo made on January 1, 2020, titled “How Nikocado Manipulated Us.”

She spoke of Nikocado Avacado’s mental abuse of her as well as other problems. Viewers condemned Hyunee for pretending to be Stephanie’s friend and for not genuinely standing by her.

She also lost a number of channel subscribers as a result of this circumstance. Hyunee later apologized, and Stephanie later accepted and forgave her.

Trophies and Awards

Hyunee has not yet received any awards or been nominated for any, according to the information available.

However, she has been awarded the golden button by YouTube because of the steady increase in her subscriber count, which has already surpassed 1 million.

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